At Monteith's Brewing Company we love beer. We are also very proud of our newly refurbished brewery. Come and enjoy one of our locally brewed award winning beers. It doesn't get any fresher than this.


Tony Mercer

Aka. The Kodak Kid. When Head Brewer Mercer isn’t scheming up new brews to put our equipment through its paces, he’s out front chewing the fat with locals and travellers alike jumping in front of any camera he can find.

Les "Pixie"

When people talk about humble pie they may as well be talking about Pixie. An institution around these parts, Pixie quietly works behind the scenes to batch up some of our finest brews. Can’t find him? He’ll be restoring his Dad’s old MACK truck to its former gorgeous glory out back.


We tried to get a funny titbit on Paul but every time we tried, he’d beaker off mumbling about a brew that needed tending to. Compelled by his work, it has become evident that a love of brewing, not fame, is what drives Paul forward.